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Campaign Studio Urbana Introduction

Thanks for joining me!

I wanted to create something in long-form to be able share with all of you. The journey and all of it’s lively inclusions! Here we are!

Thank you for taking the time to read the email, this blog, and most of all Studio Urbana’s Kickstarter campaign. Studio Urbana was launched in Houston, Texas. I relocated to Houston in summer of 2016 and after some major life events, I was able to regain myself and get on the positive track. That is where Studio Urbana came to life.

Now, you may know me from a number of research scholar positions, including USDA, URM, the China MOU Accords, or REU; my time time as the President of the AAMU Environmental Science Club, my position in a number of other organizations including NSBE, MANRRS, ASCE, SWE, or AAMU Bulldog Committee; a professor or mentor in one of my double majors, my network business endeavors, conferences, vegan activism, or one of the many endeavors I have embarked upon in my journey (There have been many!). Or perhaps you are creating a fresh profile and you’d like to know more. Well, that makes me smile!

However, not many people know of my history as a poet, a singer, an actress, and creative writer; My role as Mother of William Hooper Councill and Mother of the Church in the William Hooper Councill Legacy Play, “William Hooper Councill: From Slavery To Sovereignty”, a performer in cultural showcases, and the years I spent in dance productions. Want to know my childhood dream? It was to be a Singer/Musician! Couple the with my strong entrepreneurial mindset and we have magic! Join me…where the magic is.

I have launched a company with the second product of that company as Studio Urbana: The Premier Boutique Recording Studio of Houston. The first, a musical production set to return later in 2018. In developing this entity, I quickly railroaded to the development of the community. Studio Urbana requires one for its survival in a high-risk industry like the entertainment industry. However, risk is only as large a factor as what is neglected in work. Provided, I’ve got my bootstraps strapped (which I do ;-)), I will be able to triumph each task.

Jade Phoenix Entertainment is the umbrella of which Studio Urbana and Soul of The City rest under. The third is to be Urban Studio Galleria, an art gallery in the heart of the city…but that comes later. Jade Phoenix Entertainment stands for art and expression at their epitomes. Talent is what makes it happen, but passion is where it comes alive and that is the expression of the Jade Phoenix. Passion and Heart in all things. My only hope is that you will support this vision as it has come into creation and you will allow me to move your spirit with the power of the arts. Thank you so much and I look forward to showing you all that is in store.


Please Visit The Following Link To The Studio Urbana Kickstarter Campaign.

Studio Urbana Kickstarter Campaign

I am delighted at forming the community of family and friends in the Jade Phoenix movement. Please feel free to share, as support from all avenues and individuals is welcome. I look forward to you becoming a part of the community!

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Na-Asia Ellis – Founder & CEO of Jade Phoenix Entertainment, The Entity that brings you Studio Urbana and The Soul Of The City Production Series

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton